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SDHC Update for 8GB SD Card shipments

Synopsis Due to material availability, the size and type of SD card shipped with some Technologic Systems products was changed from 2GB SD media to 8GB SDHC media. This change requires a driver update for all SBC using Linux kernels older than 2.6. Additionally, systems with BootROM build dates (visible in console at power on) older than 2009 will need updated firmware).
Severity Moderate
Class Necessary software change.
Affected All Cirrus Logic-based SBC operating with Linux kernel 2.4.
Status New software available.


Due to unavailable media, the SD media shipped from Technologic Systems is being changed from 2GB SD to 8GB SDHC. This change will necessitate a new SDHC-compatible Linux SD Card software driver.


The affected SD cards are clearly labelled 8GB. The new driver file MD5sum is here. The system BootROM build date is output to serial console at power up.

Necessary Action:

The new media will ship with the new driver present, however if the media requires re-imaging, a new driver will be needed. For Linux kernel version 2.4, simply replace the Linux 'sdcard.o' driver in your SD Card image (both in the initrd and the primary Debian partition) with the one located here and rename the new file to 'sdcard.o'.

For very old Cirrus Logic-based SBC, the BootROM may report build dates earlier than 2009. In these cases, the BootROM must also be updated. The instructions and accompanying utility for this action are located here.