TS-7300 SDRAM Update

From Technologic Systems Manuals (sandbox)

SDRAM Change

Synopsis Due to material availability, the SDRAM chip was changed to a new vendor. This change predicated the need for a new software image containing updated FPGA code.
Severity Moderate
Class Necessary software change.
Affected All TS-7300 purchased after April, 2019.
Status New software image available.


Due to a manufacturer EOL, a new SDRAM part was selected and qualified by Technologic Systems for use on the TS-7300 SBC. The new part requires a new FPGA binary for proper operation. TBD: Add link to pcs.embeddedTS.com notification.


The affected TS-7300 are identifiable by the name "Alliance" visible on the SDRAM chip at U

Necessary Action:

Existing images used with the TS-7300 should be updated by replacing the ts7300_cyclone.rbf file with the new programming file at this link. The md5sum for the new FPGA programming file is 06a75821ee7a6ed6d2e831aa9263fdab. Instructions for updating existing images can be found in section 3.4.1 of this manual. The latest default shipping image from Technologic Systems found at this link.