TS-7553 Errata softreload

From Technologic Systems Manuals (sandbox)
Synopsis TS-7553 FPGA soft reload signal integrity
Severity Minor
Class Hardware bug
Affected TS-7553 hardware RevA1 and below
Status Workarounds available


The TS-7553 has a very long trace path for the clock line of JTAG. When attempting to software reprogram the FPGA it is possible for enough ringing to occur to cause the software reprogramming to fail. This issue is exacerbated if the TS-9448 is installed as it will lengthen the trace.


When software reprogramming the FPGA, removing the TS-9448 will allow the process to achieve a higher completion rate. If there are still intermittent failures with the TS-9448 removed, it would be best to check the return status of ts7500ctl --loadfpga to ensure that the process completed successfully.

If failures are more common then not, it would be best to request an RMA number and return the TS-7553 for a hardware modification to fix this issue.

This issue has been resolved in current hardware revisions. Please note that this bug does not affect normal operation, only software reloading of the TS-7553 FPGA.