TS-755X Errata nandchange

From Technologic Systems Manuals (sandbox)
Synopsis TS-755X NAND IC change
Severity Low
Class Hardware Change
Affected All TS-755X/TS-4500 SBCs with a NAND chip marked with "SAMSUNG"
Status Customer software updates may be necessary


In February 2011 we switched from an STMicro NAND chip to a SAMSUNG NAND chip. This process requires modification to nandctl in order to correctly communicate with the new IC. All of our images as of February 11th 2011 have been updated with the proper binaries and they have been pushed to production and our FTP site. This is a notice to customers who load custom software on their TS-755Xs that the nandctl binary needs to be updated, the entire image is recommended, but only the binary is required. These images can be found on our FTP site