TS-755X Errata nandcorruption

From Technologic Systems Manuals (sandbox)
Synopsis TS-755X/TS-4500 nandctl hanging
Severity High
Class Software bug
Affected TS-755X/TS-4500 Products and images shipped before March 11th 2011
Status Workarounds available


The TS-75XX image was updated as of Feb 11 includes extra version information that is printed by the linuxrc. This behavior has exacerbated a bug in nandctl that can cause the SBUS to get in a hung state. Using nandctl for access via NBD is and has always been safe, however using the -k or --setmbr options are potentially unsafe. The tsversions application used in the Feb 11th release uses the -k option and can get in to a hung up state. Please note that under rare circumstances this issue can cause NAND flash corruption and it is highly recommended to update to the latest nandctl.

TS-755X/TS-4500 products and images shipped on or after March 11th 2011 are not affected by this bug.


There are two workarounds.

1) Simply disable the execution of tsversions and bootmsg in the linuxrc. Any linuxrc other than linuxrc-fastboot already have this disabled.

2) Download the new nandctl binary from our FTP site to /sbin/nandctl in the fastboot shell. If booted to the fastboot shell, remember to type `save` to save the initrd back to disk.