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Dimensions (in enclosure)
6.35 inches (tall) by 7.714 inches (wide including DB9) by 1.14 inches (deep)

Which macrocontroller are you using?

TS-4100 NXP i.MX6ul
696 MHz Cortex-A7 (ARMv7)
TS-4700 Marvell PXA166
800 MHz ARM9
TS-4720 Marvell PXA168 1066 MHz ARM9
TS-4800 Freescale i.MX515 800 MHz Cortex-A8

The TS-8820 is the baseboard (non-computing component) of a signal-isolated industrial controller. Frequently used in building management and control applications worldwide, it offers a wide variety of features useful for power and access control, as well as several ADC inputs and isolated IO useful for various sensor and monitoring applications. This baseboard is frequently paired with the TS-4100, TS-4700, TS-4710/12/20 (collectively TS-47xx), and TS-4800 TS-SOCKET Computer-on-Module products to form a sensible and capable embedded computing platform dedicated to industrial system control and monitoring. Documentation for this product is split into multiple categories based on the compatible TS-SOCKET Computer-on-Modules for better clarity. Please choose the class of Computer-on-Module being used in conjunction with the TS-8820 from the selection above.