TS-BITSTREAM update-7300

From Technologic Systems Manuals (sandbox)

Updating the FPGA

Should it become necessary, the TS-BITSTREAM binary is in the filesystem at /boot/ts7300_cyclone2.rbf.

If this file needs to be updated after a production image has been created, it would be updated from a Linux workstation by mounting the dd image file to a directory in the existing filesystem, the new file copied in, and then unmount the image. Remember to uncompress the dd file before attempting to mount it. For example:

xz -d 2gbsd-7300-sdhc_latest.dd.xz
#use whatever decompression utility is correct for your specific file.  If it is not compressed, the uncompress
#step can be skipped.
mkdir mount/
sudo fdisk -l 2gbsd-7300-sdhc_latest.dd
# confirm sector size - default 512 bytes
sudo mount -oloop,offest=$((9728*512)) 2gbsd-sdhc_11mar2019.dd mount/
# replace 9728 with the actual sector start of 3rd partition, replace 512 with actual sector size.
# see fdisk -l output from above for actual values.
sudo cp ts7300-fpga-feb2019.rbf mount/boot/ts7300_cyclone2.rbf
md5sum mount/ts7300_cyclone2.rbf
#confirm md5sum above matches the correct one for your FPGA file.
sudo umount mount/