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1 Overview

The TS-ENC720 metal enclosure is made to house the TS-7200, TS-7250, TS-7260, TS-7350, TS-7800, TS-8100, or TS-8160 Single Board Computer and two PC/104 peripheral boards. The switching power regulator efficiently converts 8-30 VDC input (8-38 VDC for the TS-7800) into regulated +5 VDC required by the SBC.

Note that the TS-DIO64 and the TS-9700 with the DAC option both have connectors that do not fit into the TS-ENC720. The second Ethernet or reset button of the TS-8100 or TS-8160 is not compatible with this enclosure.


The TS-ENC720 Rugged Enclosure provides extra functions, including power conversion and DB9 breakouts of the internal COM ports or additional I/O. Additional features include:

  • Supports TS-7200 family and TS-7800
  • Power converter: 8-30VDC to 5VDC
  • 8-38VDC to 5VDC for the TS-7800
  • Surge suppression on power input
  • Sturdy metal design reduces noise
  • COM ports adapted to 9 pin Sub-D
  • Dimensions 2-1/2x4-3/8x5-3/8 inch
  • Power good LED visible
  • Ethernet Status LEDs visible
  • Extra DB9: COM3 or 8 DIO or 8 A/D

2 Getting Started

2.1 Handling the Board Safely

Before performing any set up or placement procedures, take precautions outlines in this section.

  • Be sure to take appropriate Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) precautions.
  • Disconnect the power cable at the rear panel of the enclosure before moving,

cabling, or performing any set up procedures.

WARNING: Inappropriate handling may cause damage to the board inside

2.2 Setup and Installation Instructions

Follow these guidelines for safety and maximum product performance:

  • Observe local health and safety requirements and guidelines for manual material
  • ndling.
  • Set the enclosure on a level surface with adequate ventilation.
  • Ensure the rubber feet are used for protection and stability on level surfaces.
  • Wall-mount the unit if placement on a level surface is not available, or desired.

2.3 Setup Tools

Depending on placement and cabling of the enclosure, you may need the following tools:

  • Small flat-blade screwdriver
  • Small Phillips screwdriver

2.4 Setup Procedures

After locating, setting up, grounding, and cabling the enclosure:

  • Apply power to the unit (refer to some other section)
  • Monitor COM1 using a terminal emulator to verify that the enclosure is operating properly

2.5 Disconnecting AC Power

  • Unplug the cord from the power source
  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear panel of the enclosure

3 Components

3.1 TS-782

The TS-782 is the board inserted in to the TS-ENC720 that provides the internal SBC with 2 DB-9 ports and 5VDC power regulation.

3.2 Front and Rear Panels

The TS-ENC720 front panel is shown on the first page of this manual.


The rear panel of the TS-ENC720 enclosure (shown above) has all of the input/output connectors, including one COM port, two DB9 ports which can be used for an additional COM port, 8 channel A/D, or 8 DIO pins, one ethernet port, two USB ports, two pin power connector, as well as a power indicator LED.

3.3 Standard Headers and Connectors

3.3.1 COM1: Console RS-232 Serial Port

The COM1 RS-232 port uses a standard DB-9 male connector on the TS-ENC720.

Table: COM1 DB9 Pinouts
DB9 Pin Signal Description
1 DCD Data Carrier Detect
2 RXD Receive data
3 TXD Transmit data
4 DTR Data Terminal Ready
5 GND Ground
6 DSR Data Set Ready
7 RTS Request to Send
8 CTS Clear to Send
9 - -
Note: The COM1 port on the TS-ENC720 is the default port used for system console. The RC-DB9 cable must be connected to COM1 in order to have a Linux console via any terminal emulator.

3.3.2 USB

The USB Connector on the TS-ENC720 provide two USB interfaces for the user. These are directly connected to the EP9302 processor, which integrates an USB dual-port Open Host Controller Interface (Open HCI), providing full-speed serial communications ports at a baud rate of 12 Mbits/sec. Up to 127 USB devices (printer, mouse, camera, keyboard, etc.) and USB hubs can be connected to the USB host in the USB "tiered-star" topology.

3.3.3 ETH0

The ethernet connector ETH0 makes use of a standard RJ-45 socket. This can be used to connect a standard 10/100 Ethernet cable into the enclosed SBC.

3.3.4 COM2 and COM3

Two standard DB-9 connectors are brought out for additional COM ports, DIO, or A/D conversion. The DB-9 headers are connected straight to the enclosed SBC. COM2 header is designed to connect to the A/D (MAX197 on TS-7200/TS-7250) header on the enclosed SBC and COM3 is designed for the DIO1 (or XDIO/DIO2 on the TS-7260) header of the enclosed SBC. Both COM2 and COM3 are set up to connect to COM headers on the enclosed SBC.

WARNING: Connecting both RS-232 signals and DIO or A/D to the same COM port may cause irreversible damage to the SBC
Table: DB-9 Pin-out for DIO, A/D, and COM
DB-9 Pin COM3 (DIO) COM2 (TS-7200 & TS-7250 MAX197 A/D) COM2/COM3 (TS-7250 & TS-7800 10 pin On-board A/D) COM2/COM3 (RS-232)
1 DIO_0 Ch0 Ch0 DCD
3 DIO_2 Ch2 Ch1 TXD
7 DIO_5 Ch5 Ch3 RTS
9 DIO_7 Ch7 Ch4 --
Note: Other configurations are possible, but they may require non-standard cabling

3.4 TS-782 Routing/Connectors

The TS-782 board creates an interface between the TS-72XX/TS-7800 and external connections (The two DB-9 ports and incoming power connections).

3.4.1 TS-782 Internal Headers

Both of the DB-9 connectors on the TS-782 have a 16-pin and a 10-pin male header. These allow for connection to the SBCs COM port, DIO, or A/D converter. Technologic Systems provides: one 10-pin and one 16-pin cable (and an additional 10-pin and 16-pin cable with the A/D option) for TS-7200/TS-7250; two 10-pin cables for the TS-7260/TS- 7800.

3.4.2 TS-782 Internal Power Cable

The internal power cable of the TS-782 must be connected to the power input of the enclosed SBC in order to provide regulated 5VDC power supply to the SBC.

WARNING: The indicated polarity must be used when connecting this cable

4 Product Specifications

4.1 Dimensions

The TS-ENC720 enclosure dimensions are 2.5" x 4.375" x 5.375"

4.2 Cabling

The enclosure includes the following cables for use with the TS-72XX/TS-7800 SBCs:

  • All internal ribbon cables to make connections between the various 10-pin headers

4.3 Environmental

To ensure optimum product operation you must maintain the operational environmental specifications listed in the table below.

Table: Environmental Specification for TS-ENC720
Environmental Specifications Standard Temp Products Extended Temp Products
Ambient Temperature -20° to +70°C
The internal temperature must not exceed +70°C
-40° to +85°C
Extended temperature is also standard lower CPU clock speeds.
Note: At high temperature operations, CPU clock speed should be set to <= 166MHz
Note: Refer to your product manual, or contact Customer Service at Technologic Systems if the environmental temperature of the location is in doubt.
Relative Humidity 0 to 90% relative humidity. Not to exceed 90% non-condensing Not to exceed 90% non-condensing

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